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How it works


DoubleClick Lending provides a one-stop shop where capital can be directed toward borrowers. Simply provide DoubleClick Lending details on how much capital you can provide and the terms under which you wish to lend, and you are on your way to match with the borrowers looking for the same terms.


You will be able to view all offers in your Lender’s Dashboard. Once you find an appropriate borrower, you can click on their application and provide your lending criteria including rate, term, repayment terms and any additional conditions that you may require.


The borrower is presented with your offer. Upon consent from the borrower, DoubleClick Lending will notify you to finalize documents that will be presented for a final signature from both parties.

Benefits of Private Lending


DoubleClick Lending is an innovative company that has evolved historic borrowing and lending models to meet the demands of the fintech age. We have created a marketplace of borrowers and lenders providing connections to create reciprocal business dealings.

DoubleClick Lending has built up a pool of borrowers who are ready to receive an offer from you as a lender. Our model is designed for you to be informed and feel confident throughout the process.

How to Become a Lender


We are always looking for ways to secure additional private funds for our borrowers while ensuring that our lenders remain informed and paid as per the agreed upon terms.

Becoming a lender with DoubleClick Lending is quick and simple. By clicking below, you will be redirected to a secure site to create an account.

Lender's Guide

  • What personal information will I be required to provide?

    Once a lender has submitted their application, they will receive a follow up call or email within one business day. DoubleClick Lending will provide the lender with an onboarding package, which will include our privacy policy, lender contract and an information summary questionnaire.

    Onboarding Package: The Onboarding Package is a lender’s information guide and includes answers to frequently asked questions. The package provides support on how to navigate through the website, submit offers to borrowers and other general information including the DoubleClick Lending privacy policy.

    Lender Contract: The Lender Contract is the consent form used between the lender and DoubleClick Lending. The information collected is protected by DoubleClick Lending’s privacy policy and is never shared or sold to third party companies.

    Information Summary Questionnaire: This document is used to determine a lender’s risk tolerance and source of funds as there are no formal credit checks for lenders.

  • What assets do I require to be a lender?

    Liquid resources are required, which includes cash in bank accounts, cashable GICs, non-registered investments, including TFSAs are all eligible sources. Foreign funds can be used as long as the funds have been in Canada or the USA for a minimum of 6 months.

  • How am I validated as a lender?

    Lenders are validated through a lender onboarding process where they will be required to review and accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and sign a Lender’s Contract. This process will ensure that the funds being provided are legal and in compliance with Anti Money Laundering regulations. Additionally, all funds are handled by the lawyers to ensure proper compliance.

    To further validate their ability to lend, lenders will be required to submit proof of funds. This is in addition to accepting DoubleClick Lending’s privacy policy, Terms of Use as well as executing a Lender’s contract.

  • Can my personal credit products or home equity be leveraged?

    At DoubleClick Lending, we do not advise in leveraging but understand that many lenders can leverage their home’s equity to facilitate private loans. This is permitted and personal credit products can be used as an acceptable source of funds. Please note that it remains a lender’s responsibility to pay each of their personal credit obligations while being a lender at DoubleClick Lending.

    Liquid resources are required. To leverage your home’s equity, feel free to contact us to speak with a Lender Relationship Manager who will assist you with unlocking the equity you have to lend.

  • Can I leverage foreign funds?

    Yes, DoubleClick Lending allows lenders to leverage foreign funds once the funds are deposited for a minimum of 6 months in a Canadian-based financial institution.

  • What happens if a borrower defaults on their payments?

    All transactions are completed with qualified and licensed lawyers. A lender's private funding is always secured with real estate. Should a borrower default, DoubleClick Lending will work with the lender and their lawyer to commence the Notice of Default and foreclosure process.

  • I’m in a hurry. Can I request for the funds to be paid back before the agreed term?

    Lenders are bound by the terms under the Lender's Contract document and are paid back at the end of the agreed upon term.

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