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Differences between First and Second Mortgages


First Mortgage

What is a First Mortgage?

A first mortgage is the primary lien against your real estate, taking priority to all other liens.

Who needs it?

Anyone buying a house with credit needs a first mortgage. If you have been turned down by a bank or don’t meet their financing stress test criteria, DoubleClick Lending can help. A private mortgage through DoubleClick Lending is not subject to the stress test nor the rigid criteria of the big banks.


Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage

What is a Second Mortgage or Home Equity Loan?

A Home Equity Loan is another term used for second mortgages. It is a secured loan that allows you to turn your home’s equity into cash.

Who needs it?

Home Equity Loans are ideal for those who are expecting large sums of cash from a confirmed source, such as an inheritance, employment bonus, or sale of property with an immediate need of the funds. Home Equity Loans offer lower interest rates than traditional loans, which includes debt consolidation loans, payday loans, and credit cards. This allows you to fill your short-term cash flow gap with a solution that incurs lower interest costs.

DoubleClick Lending is for You


First Time Home Buyers

Banks have strict procedures and many times do not have the capacity to understand your specific situation. At DoubleClick Lending, we want to support you through the process. We are here to walk you through the whole process from front to end.


Homeowners seeking to leverage their Home’s Equity

Equity is the value of an asset less all liabilities associated with that asset. Leveraging your home's equity is usually the most cost effective and convenient way of obtaining funds. At DoubleClick Lending, borrowers can use the cash from their home’s equity to complete renovations, purchase a rental property, and consolidate debt.


Credit Challenged Individuals

We understand that there are many circumstances where credit scores are affected. DoubleClick Lending does not penalize you for the financial bumps you’ve experienced in the past. We review and assess your application based on today and can secure funds even when the bank says it is impossible. DoubleClick Lending makes the impossible possible.


New Canadians and immigrants

Without a credit history, families who are new to Canada can find it difficult to get a loan. The banks don’t allow you to use your foreign funds and they require a paper trail. At DoubleClick Lending, we make the process simple, quick and easy.


Entrepreneurs and Young Professionals

We are not just interested in your income line, we are interested in getting to understand your specific situation and working within it. Unlike the banks, we do not attempt to fit you into a lending policy and procedure that always includes a stress test.


Applicants seeking quick response times and competitive rates

We have a lineup of institutional and private lenders. DoubleClick Lending provides you with multiple lending offers, where you can choose the interest rate and repayment terms that best match your personal needs. It's simple: our competitive advantage is speed and access to mortgages.

A new approach to borrowing at the community level


DoubleClick Lending is an innovative company that has evolved historic borrowing and lending models to meet the current demands of the modern consumer. DoubleClick Lending is going to be a marketplace for borrowers and lenders to connect and create reciprocal business dealings.

We strive for you to be informed and feel confident throughout the process by offering online and live support. Unlike the traditional banks, DoubleClick Lending is able to connect you to multiple lenders. Unlike the traditional mortgage broker, you can choose the lender that best suits your needs and circumstances, with no hidden broker fees.

Borrower’s Application Process

The application is quick, easy and simple.


You will be prompted to answer a few questions that will help connect you with lenders who meet your borrowing needs and timeline. We only ask questions that are relevant to your borrowing needs and your information is presented to lenders who match those needs.


Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email confirmation that your application was submitted. If you need assistance, one of our team members will contact you to support you.


Once your application is approved, DoubleClick Lending will provide you with loan offers as early as 24 hours. Each lender will provide you with their terms and conditions. Once you select the lender with the most suitable terms, you can sit back and feel great about securing your financing needs.

Borrower's Guide

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