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Executive Summary

DoubleClick Lending provides a digitized mortgage process for a fast and convenient approval of new mortgages and home equity loans for borrowers who do not qualify with the big banks.

We are a one-of-a-kind, online community lending platform that facilitates home equity loans and new mortgages by connecting borrowers with private lenders across Canada.


$1.6 trillion mortgage market in Canada – 1% or $16 billion of which consists of private lenders and MICs

9.91 million homeowners in Canada

6 million people have mortgages

850,000 homeowners took out equity from their homes

Industry Overview

  • Key Insights on 4 types of Lenders

    A survey of Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders in Q2 of 2019, indicated an increase in residential mortgages extended by non-bank lenders growing by 25.4% to $41.1B


    Market Share: 72%
    Average Mortgage: $220,650
    Interest Rate: 3.1% – 5.2%
    Delinquency Rates: 0.24%

    Credit Unions and Caisse Populaire

    Market Share: 14%
    Average Mortgage: $156,817
    Interest Rate: N/A
    Delinquency Rates: 0.17%

    Mortgage Finance Companies (MFCs)

    Market Share: 9%
    Average Mortgage: $247,828
    Interest Rate: N/A
    Delinquency Rates: 0.24%

    Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) and Private Lenders

    Market Share: 1%
    Average Mortgage: $254,986
    Interest Rate: 7% – 15%
    Delinquency Rates: 1.78%

  • A Thriving Market

    DoubleClick Lending is disrupting and expediting innovation in the mortgage market by streamlining the use of online mortgage services.

    • Consumers want control over their finances
    • Demand for digital services
    • Constant innovation
    • Sustainable growth
    • COVID-19 supercharged online services
  • Online Banking Adoption

    In recent years, Canadian banks have been transforming to become more digital.

    • 36% of Millennials and 23% of all other demographic segments use online banking as their main banking method
    • 76% of Canadians use digital channels for banking
    • 85% feel confident in new banking technologies
    • 88% reported using online banking in the last year

A Competitive Difference



DoubleClick Lending is one of the first platforms to introduce a community lending model for mortgages

We offer full-service first mortgages and home equity loans using traditional and community lending

Enable private lenders to come to a one-stop shop where their capital can be directed toward borrowers

Community lending can provide low mortgage rates for borrowers and lucrative interest rates for lenders

We ensure full transparency of fees and honesty throughout the application process

  • Access to a large variety of private and institutional lenders
  • Low rates and reduced fees
  • Fast and convenient application process
  • Customized loans
  • High application approvals
  • Fraud prevention
  • 100% online process
  • Multi-channel Customer Service
  • One-stop shop for private lenders to invest their capital
  • Competitive investment interest rates
  • Large pool of credit challenged borrowers
  • Review and adjust target portfolio in real-time through the platform

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