DoubleClick is founded
by lending industry leaders.

Executive Team

Bahir Vivekanand
Co-Founder & CEO

Behrang Shirazi

Shehan Yoganathan
Primary Broker & COO

Shaji Nada
Co-Founder & Chairman

Kejda Trungu
Project Manager

Vishal Tendulkar
Marketing Manager

Christina Boodhoo
Business Analyst

Advisory Board

Sayan Navaratnam
Facedrive & Connex

Tim Wilson
Senior Advisor, Partnerships

Brendon Callender
Senior Strategist

Michael Garellek
Securities Lawyer
Gowlings WLG (Canada)

Peggy Van De Plassche
Senior Advisor, Financial Services/Fintech

Jesse DeCosta
President & CEO

Kubes Navaratnam
Real Estate Lawyer
Nava Wilson LLP

Qamar Qureshi
Senior Business Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

DoubleClick helps customers decrease the anxiety of needing cash in their daily lives, by providing funds direct-to-account, unlocking the wealth they already have in their homes. Everything we do is guided by the primary objective of making the mortgage and home equity loan process super easy from approval to ‘cash-in-hand’, in the most cost-effective way possible for our customers. 

DoubleClick will be launching soon in Canada, followed by a launch in the United States of America. 

Yes – DoubleClick will find you a lender at the best rate within 24 hours to ensure you a get a seamless and transparent mortgage process for the purchase of your home.

DoubleClick will not charge fees for finding the Lenders. Also, Lenders on DoubleClick won’t require any upfront fees. 

DoubleClick is committed to serving you quickly and securely, above all else. In order to deliver on those promises, we ask that you apply online only.

Keeping your data secure is paramount and we will be releasing a detailed security policy when our service launches.

Leave us your email address and we’ll contact you about becoming an investor.

Leave us your email address and we’ll contact you
when our service launches!